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 Sometimes you find a product that just says WOW!

Sales professionals recognize the need for greater visibility.

That's why our customers can't wait to get their PrimeLinx URL

nameplate on their car.  The anticipation builds every day until their

URL'plate arrives and can be displayed the first time. 

You need automotive advertising that will be accepted anywhere

Unlike car wraps or decals Primelinx URL'plates are tasteful  complimenting the style of your vehicle.  They are as subtle as a vanity plate, yet remain highly visible to your target market.
Whether you're parked or in traffic your PrimeLinx URL'plate is telling your story.
You know many cars are directly behind you in traffic everyday.
That's about how often your message is seen.  

Best estimates are that your nameplate will generate nearly a million impressions over the life of your car.  Your next client may be directly behind you.

Get the Recognition Your Website Deserves
Order one for each member of your team today!
CHROME $39.95 - MATTE GOLD $44.95

For the whole story call: 1-888-847-9212
The consultation's free  and so is the call.

PrimeLinx Canada Inc.


Want to see your message on the back of a BMW Z3?
Of Course You Do!

Realtor Challenge

Take the PrimeLinx URL'plate Challenge!
If you know of a better place to spend the next fifty bucks of your advertising budget.. please let us know.
Marketing Managers
 For a lot less than the cost of a single ad you could have bought everyone in the office a PrimeLinx URL'plate ...that will keep on working  for you for years to come!
Let's face it ...

That expensive full page ad you ran yesterday is lining Aunt Polly's birdcage today.

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